Wholesale Arts & Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts are an essential part of any school or daycare program, or even just at home! These art projects give kids the chance to develop and refine their motor skills, expand their vocabulary, and, most importantly, be creative! But for a successful arts and crafts session, you need to make sure that you have enough craft supplies stocked and ready to go.

From our headquarters in Saline, Michigan, Shields Childcare Supplies is committed to supporting daycare and school childcare providers like you with the supplies you need to support your children. Our inventory comes from the industry’s best manufacturers, and we have the capabilities to support large bulk orders. Contact us to discuss your wholesale needs.


The Importance of Arts & Crafts in Schools

Kids love creating art, from drawing original works with crayons on construction paper to painting on craft paper and beyond. Besides being fun and helping kids embrace creativity and artistic pursuits, arts and crafts time in schools also has a measurable impact on a child’s early development.

To successfully create a school art project, a child must grip a pencil, cut straight lines, manipulate a paintbrush, and perform other motor skills. By allowing them to have fun and create, you are giving kids the opportunity to improve fine motor skills that will assist them throughout their lives. Additionally, arts and crafts grow children’s vocabularies. Have your children describe the creation of their craft, how they made it, and why they chose the colors or materials present in their art.

Arts and crafts also help foster a child’s decision-making skills. When you give kids free rein over their creations, they must decide what materials they need, which colors to use, and how to make their mental vision a reality. These decision-making skills result in more self-confidence, independence, and emotional maturity in school children—all from making a simple craft!

"Shields Childcare Supplies is very easy to work with. Delivery is quick and we always find the products that we need for the school. If certain items cannot be found on the website, they make it possible for us to get the item. Due to the pandemic, it is hard to find all the essential products (in bulk). In order to keep our school safe and healthy for the students, teachers, and staff Shields has come to our rescue. Their pricing is reasonable and delivery is quick during this unprecedented time. Keep up the good work, thank you and your service is very much appreciated!" ~Dr. Perry - Schoolhouse Montessori Academy of Troy

Bulk Art Supplies for Kids

We have the bulk arts and crafts supplies for your school or daycare classroom. We make it effortless to find quality materials, safe supplies, and easy-to-clean arts and crafts furnishings so that you can focus on inspiring your kids to learn, create, and imagine!

Wholesale Paper Craft Supplies

Paper crafts are an accessible art project for kids of all ages. Fold origami, make drawings, or create classroom wall decorations. We stock the high-quality paper craft supplies your kids need to create their arts and crafts:

Miscellaneous Kids’ Art Supplies

The only limit to school crafting time is a child’s imagination. Make sure they have the bulk supplies they need to bring their dreams to life, such as:

Painting Supplies for Children

Allow your kids to create masterpieces with cleanable and non-toxic paint from Shields Childcare Supplies. We stock everything an aspiring painter needs, including:

The Best Wholesale Arts & Crafts School Supplies for Kids

Shields Childcare Supplies is dedicated to providing you with great prices, reliable products, and fast service. We are continually adding new and exciting products to our inventory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us or call our sales department! We’ll find the arts and crafts supplies you need to keep your schoolchildren occupied, learning, and developing!