Wooden Building Blocks

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We believe building blocks help children think independently, build concentration, and increase self-confidence. They are fun, educational toys that promote child development while encouraging creativity. Because of this, wooden building blocks are perfect for daycares.  
Shields Classic Toys provides a variety of wooden building blocks, including wooden alphabet blocks, wooden log cabin building sets, wooden building block sets, and obliqo games.
Our blocks can be matched in size/length by their color. Different sizes and styles of blocks are available, including baby blocks, alphabet blocks, and log cabin sets.


Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Our wooden alphabet blocks provide the perfect learning experience. Our colorful blocks feature letters and pictures on each block, creating a fun, educational opportunity to learn letters, as well as other important skills.

Wooden Log Cabin Building Sets

These timeless toys provide unlimited creative and educational possibilities. Each wooden log cabin building set features classic, wooden pieces that encourage children to follow their imagination and create their own world.  

Wooden Building Block Sets

Made from high quality wooden, our building block sets are durable, colorful toys that are perfect for growing children. These wooden building blocks promote creativity while developing fine motor skills and self-confidence.

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Shields Classic Toys creates a wide variety of high-quality, natural wooden toys for children of all ages. All of our toys are designed to last for generations, always prioritizing durability. Because of this, our wooden building blocks—as well as stackers and baby rattles and teethers—are the perfect learning material for any daycare.
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