Active Play


Active play is crucial to the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills. We offer a variety of indoor active play toys and furniture: from sturdy, hard wood active play structures to soft foam tactile climbers for infants. Children refine gross motor skills when they engage their arms, legs, head, and trunk.

Built to Withstand Rigorous Active Play

Our active play toys and furniture are built to withstand rigorous active play. Sturdy, high quality wood materials, like birch plywood and solid maple, add long-lasting strength and durability. Rounded edges and smooth corners allow children to move about freely.

Smooth Protective Finishes for Easy Cleanup

Our active play products feature smooth protective finishes that make sanitizing and disinfecting quick and easy. Kids will be carefree as they climb up and down, over, under, and through our durable, active play products.  

We're always adding new Active Play Toys

We are continually adding new and exciting Active Play Toys to our inventory. If you can't find something please email us at or call our sales department at 888-806-2632. We’ve got you covered!