Toddler Active Play Toys & Equipment


Active play is crucial to the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills. Active play also helps children learn how to interact with one another, build confidence, communicate clearly, and use their imaginations. Besides the social and cognitive benefits, active play also helps develop balance, coordination, and good exercise habits.

Shields Childcare Supplies offers a variety of indoor toddler active play toys and furniture. From sturdy hardwood active play structures to soft foam tactile climbers for infants, children can develop their bending, reaching, and climbing skills while engaging their arms, legs, head, and trunk.


Your Trusted Distributor of Active Play Toys for Toddlers

Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. Our name-brand active play toys and furniture are built to withstand rigorous active play and are constructed of sturdy, high-quality wooden materials, such as birch plywood and solid maple. Rounded edges and smooth corners keep children safe, and the smooth protective finishes make sanitizing and disinfecting quick and easy.

Kids can be carefree as they climb up, down, over, under, and through our safe and long-lasting active play products.

Indoor Active Play Equipment

Play equipment isn’t just for the outdoors! No matter the environment, children need vigorous physical activity to grow and develop. We offer indoor toddler active play equipment and climbers to help foster physical activity while having a ton of fun. Our inventory contains a wide range of climbers and other active play equipment for toddlers, including:

Playhouse Cubes & Accessories

Our playhouse cubes, manufactured by Whitney Brothers, are versatile additions to any childcare environment. They can be used as active play equipment or as classroom furnishings. Let toddlers use these playhouse cubes as a quiet zone, clubhouse, or anything they can imagine! We stock:

Walkers for Younger Toddlers

Walkers make learning to walk fun! Flashing lights and musical notes inspire babies to get up and moving. Our walkers are multi-purpose, folding down into activity tables when they aren’t in use as walking aids. Shields Childcare Supplies offers two walkers to encourage active play:

USA-Made Active Play Toys for Infants & Toddlers Delivered On-Time at Low Prices

Shields Childcare Supplies is continually adding new and exciting active play toys for toddlers to our inventory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions, contact us today. We’ll find the supplies you need and deliver them to you on time, every time, for competitive prices. We’ve got you covered!