Developmental STEM & STEAM Toys for Kids


Children’s STEM toys and STEAM toys are specifically designed to help kids learn while they have fun. While these developmental toys have been around, many parents, teachers, and childcare providers are looking for ways to integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills more fully into children’s play.

Kids’ STEM and STEAM toys from Shields Childcare Supplies are made by name-brand manufacturers to meet the highest quality and safety standards. We’re here to help you serve your children and families through great products, fast service, and low prices.

What Are Children’s STEM & STEAM Toys?

STEM and STEAM toys for children teach critical thinking, develop problem-solving skills, and foster a love for STEM fields during early childhood cognitive development. Through fun, interactive, hands-on learning, students experience in real-time how science, math, art, and technology work together in the world.

Children’s Toys & Materials to Promote Problem-Solving Skills

STEM toys for children promote higher reasoning and problem-solving skills. Even if children do not go on to a career in STEM, problem solving is a skill that people constantly use throughout their day-to-day lives. We stock toys to promote those problem-solving abilities, including:

Classroom Toys to Promote Critical Thinking & Scientific Reasoning

We provide you with puzzles, STEM materials, and other fun furnishings, toys, and games to help foster curiosity and scientific reasoning in young minds. Kids learn to solve problems step-by-step while discovering more about the world around them through the scientific method. We offer:

Kids’ Toys for Art & Music Appreciation

The A in STEAM is often misunderstood by parents, teachers, and other childcare providers. However, art is just as crucial as other STEAM fields! Grow a deep and lasting appreciation for art and music by supplying your students and children with these creative toys from Shields:

Your Supplier of High-Quality STEM Toys for Early Childhood Development

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