Wooden Ladderback Chairs for Classrooms

Comfortable students pay better attention during instruction. That’s why it’s essential to invest in high-quality, correctly sized classroom seating for students of all ages and grade levels. Wooden ladderback classroom chairs from Shields Childcare Supplies are an ergonomic, durable solution.


Why Choose Wooden Chairs for Your Classroom?

Our wooden ladderback chairs are manufactured by Jonti-Craft. They feature a solid birch construction, properly spaced rails, and rounded edges to promote child safety. These durable and long-lasting student seating options are available in various sizes and sealed with an easy-to-clean and attractive finish.

Promote Good Student Posture with Ladderback Classroom Chairs

Choosing the correct size of wooden ladderback chair for your students is a significant consideration. Supporting good posture from the beginning of a child’s school journey is critical. Correctly sized wooden ladderback chairs enable students to sit with their feet on the floor and their backs against the chair.

To meet any classroom seating need, Shields offers Jonti-Craft wooden ladderback chairs in a variety of sizes:

Durable & Long-Lasting Wooden Classroom Seating

While plastic has become more prevalent in classroom seating, traditional wooden chairs provide many benefits. Ladderback chairs from Shields Childcare Supplies are durable and eco-friendly. Wooden furniture is innately long-lasting, standing up to repeated use for decades.

Easy-to-Clean Wooden Chairs for Students of All Ages

Both plastic and wooden student seating are designed for easy maintenance and quick clean-up. Our wooden ladderback chairs only need a quick wipe-down to ensure a clean classroom. Our stock requires no special cleaning processes and keeps your classroom running efficiently through simple, straightforward upkeep and care.

High-Quality Ladderback Classroom Seating Delivered On-Time Every Time

Shields Childcare Supplies provides your classroom with the furnishings you need. We supply USA-made name brand products delivered on time for low prices. To learn more about our available stock, contact us today.