Stacking Classroom Chairs


When choosing chairs for your classroom, you must balance comfortable designs with the space limitations of your room. Comfortable kids learn better, especially when they are learning in a well-organized environment. Stackable classroom chairs create the perfect solution.

At Shields Childcare Supplies, we provide durable, stackable chairs that fit in any classroom. Our selection of Jonti-Craft stackable chairs will help keep your classroom organized, encourage better student posture, and create efficient classroom flow throughout your space.

Create Effective Classroom Flow with Stackable Blue Plastic Chairs

Cost-effective stackable chairs from Shields Childcare allow you to design a fully customizable and adaptable classroom. Easily rearrange your table and chair set-up, add or remove seats to create space for activities, and store extra chairs in a convenient and neat stack. Our options are durable, cleanable, and give you the power to control flow within your classroom.

Stacking Classroom Chairs for All Ages

To meet your individual childcare furnishing needs, we supply plastic stacking chairs in a wide range of sizes and materials to serve any classroom need. Besides blue, our plastic classroom chairs come in many other colors to better fit your classroom design and intention.
Our stackable chairs with chrome-plated legs include the following sizes:The sizes for our stackable chairs with powder-coated legs consist of:

Durable Stacking Classroom Chairs Delivered On Time Nationwide

No matter your classroom chair or other furnishing requirements, Shields Childcare Supplies has the stackable solution. Our team in Saline, Michigan, supports you with great products from the top brands delivered quickly. To learn more about our stackable classroom chairs, discuss color options beyond blue plastic, or get started on your order, contact us today!