Educational Classroom Rugs & Carpets

Organized classrooms promote safe, structured, and fun learning experiences for young children. Educational rugs for kids help teachers manage school classrooms while students are provided with engaging, comfortable, colorful carpets for circle time, play areas, and more!

At Shields Childcare Supplies, we are dedicated to supporting you with the tools you need to keep your day-to-day classroom running smoothly. Our colorful rugs for classrooms give kids easy-to-understand locations and gathering points for circle time and other activities. All our school rugs are made in the USA by Carpets for Kids, are fully recyclable, and meet CRI’s Green Label Plus certification.

Colorful Rugs for Schools, Preschools & Daycares

Classroom Carpets to Fit Any Space

No two classrooms are alike, and that’s why we offer circle time rugs in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and patterns. Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere for napping, jazz up a designated dynamic preschool play area, or emphasize your day’s lesson, Shields has the large school rugs you require.

Educational Rugs with Patterns & Solid Colors

Kids learn better in spaces where they are stimulated while feeling safe and comfortable. Our colorful, vibrant rugs engage children in play and learning. Some of our school rugs include:
  • Alphabet Rugs. Our classroom alphabet rugs help students practice their letters during circle time or while playing.
  • Counting Rugs. Reinforce the day’s math or counting lessons with sequential patterns and colorful numbers!
  • Map Rugs for Schools. From road map educational rugs to USA rugs to World Map carpets, we have the rug you need to help your students navigate play and geography lessons.
  • Organizational School Carpets. Bright, colorful, and orderly—the hallmarks of a successful classroom! These circle-time rugs provide easy-to-find spots for each kid to sit during classroom activities.
  • Faith-Based School Rugs. We supply a variety of colorful faith-based carpets for religious or Sunday School classrooms, each featuring important biblical figures and stories.
  • And many other high-quality, colorful design options!
Many of our large area rugs for kids are available in varying sizes to meet the needs of your school and classroom. Browse our website to find the option that works best for you! Don’t see what you need? No problem! Contact us or call us at 888-806-2632.

Functional Benefits of Classroom Rugs

Rugs for classrooms add stimulating color and educational opportunities for students in your childcare setting. Many children spend a significant portion of their day sitting or lying on the floor as they read, play, and learn. Themed rugs for schools reinforce maps, math, reading, or music lessons. Other benefits to including educational rugs for kids in your school space include:
  • Minimizing classroom noise through sound absorption
  • Making small spaces feel larger
  • Easily cleaned for stress-free maintenance
  • Providing cushioning on hard floors to promote safety
  • And much, much more!

Quality, Comfortable Rugs for Preschools & Classrooms

Shields Childcare Supplies is proud to be your go-to family-owned supplier of classroom furnishings, toys, and materials from top USA manufacturers. To complement your new educational circle time carpet, we offer:We provide high-quality childcare products always delivered on time and with the best service available. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today.