Handcrafted Wooden Game Boards

Hardwood game boards are handcrafted from durable wood materials, making them beautiful and long-lasting. Shields Childcare Supplies manufactures a wide range of sturdy, child-safe wooden game boards that provide the perfect entertainment for all ages.

The Finest Game Boards in the World - Made in the USA

Our handcrafted wooden game boards provide endless family fun. They are made from solid wood materials, including hard maple, red oak, and black walnut, and finished with an FDA approved Teak Oil which highlights the beauty of the wood grain.  Designed to be heavy-duty, our hardwood game boards have deep holes to hold large 1" marbles.   All our Aggravation and Chinese Checkers game boards are cut with a laser and have black edges.

Hardwood Aggravation Game Boards

Offered in a variety of handcrafted, solid wood materials, our Aggravation game boards are not only fun for the whole family, but they’re beautiful as a decoration as well. Our wooden game boards are designed as a 5-hole game for a shorter, more competitive game.

"I enjoy working with Shields Childcare Supplies because their overall customer service is great! Their turnaround time for fulfilling orders is top-notch. If there is a product I need or a question I have, their response is always the same day, which is greatly appreciated!" ~Megan - Dundee Child Care Center & Preschool

Chinese Checkers Solid Wood Game Boards

Our Chinese checkers game boards are handcrafted from red oak, hard maple, or black walnut and finished with natural oil to enhance their wood grain. With equally beautiful glass marbles, these wooden game boards are perfect for decoration or game night with the family.

2-Games-in-1 Solid Wood Game Boards

These reversible games boards provide double the fun in one, space-saving board. We offer a variety of options, including Aggravation and Chinese Checkers pairs, as well as 2-sided Aggravation boards.

Wooden Cribbage Game Boards

Designed from high-quality solid wood materials like hard maple, our hardwood cribbage game boards are handcrafted to last. We offer a 2-player cribbage board, as well as a 6-player.

Hardwood Game Piece Storage Drawers

Our wooden storage drawers can be attached to our Chinese Checkers or Aggravation game boards, making the perfect storage compartment for marbles, dice, and other game pieces. Made from the same solid wood, our storage drawers make a beautiful, seamless addition to your wooden board game collection.

Wooden Brain-Teaser Games

If you’re looking to challenge your mind, we offer a wide variety of wooden brain teasers including Two at a time, Tic Tac Toe, and Jump Checkers. Handcrafted from solid wood with glass marbles, these brain teaser games are challenging for the brain but easy on the eyes!

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Shields Childcare Supplies is committed to manufacturing high-quality, durable wooden board games that will last for generations of fun. All of our 18" and 20" game boards are available with pegs instead of marbles. If you prefer pegs please let us know in the order comments or by sending a message to info@shieldsclassictoys.com.
To learn more about our handcrafted wooden game boards, contact us today.