Montessori Materials


The Montessori Method, first developed by Maria Montessori, seeks to engage all facets of a child's development by providing a safe environment that has been prepared to enable kids to do things for themselves. Always child-focused, teachers prepare the learning environment by making learning materials available to children in an independent way. 

Our products will instill self-confidence and help build the habit of concentration.  Fostering curiosity, security, and a sense of order are so important for children and our products will help you do that.  With our Montessori supplies, children will develop habits of initiative and persistence that will help them for years to come at home or in a classroom. Our Montessori learning materials focus on four types of learning: practical life through role-play, sensorial development, language development and mathematics.

Practical Life Through Role-Play Using Montessori Materials

Children learn by role-playing, among other activities. Toddlers and preschoolers have fun pretending to be someone or something different. Playing pretend and role-playing are important to early childhood development as they encourage the healthy expression of complex emotions. Our role-play products include the puppet theater, puppets with moveable mouths, the market stand, as well as dress-up furnishing for all ages. Shields offers a variety of play kitchens, dress-up lockers, costumes, and more.

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Montessori Materials Help Children Develop Their Senses

Sensorial exercises cover every quality that can be perceived by the senses such as size, shape, composition, texture, loudness or softness, matching, weight, etc. Through senses, babies and toddlers study, learn, and understand the environment. Montessori sensorial activities focus on improving the child's five senses. Shields stocks products such as fingerpaint, chalk, crayons as well as various imbucare boxes, shape ladders, and sensory tables.

Development of Language

Play provides plenty of opportunities for children to exercise their literacy skills. Focused on spoken, as well as written words, our products help children understand the relationship between writing and the real world. We offer Montessori classics such as small number rods, figures on wood for number rods as well as unique furniture customization options. Customize your classroom furniture with a magnetic, dry erase back that will convert any classroom storage unit into a language enrichment center.  

Preparation of the Mathematical Mind Using Montessori Materials

Arithmetic deals with shapes, space, numbers, and their relationship and attributes by use of numbers and symbols. Utilizing the Montessori method, children learn such abstract concepts through concrete exercises. We stock Montessori essentials such as spindle boxes, bead stairs, various knobbed cylinders, and more.

Can't Find Something?

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