Outdoor Playground Benches & Picnic Tables


Daycare playgrounds, community parks, and other outdoor play areas help kids get exercise, burn energy, and have fun while spending time outdoors! These spaces are also gathering spots and central hubs for local communities, family reunions, and other group activities. Park benches and outdoor picnic tables are a must for resting, regrouping, and reenergizing while building important social skills before heading out for more play!

Shields Childcare Supplies is your top source for commercial park benches and playground picnic tables, maintaining an extensive stock of various sizes, materials, and designs. We have the experience and inventory to work with any school, daycare, or government office to supply the park benches and picnic tables your playground requires.

In-Stock Options for Park Benches & Playground Picnic Tables

No two parks or daycare playgrounds have the same needs, so Shields is proud to offer a vast range of outdoor picnic tables and park benches to meet any requirement. Our heavy-duty options are made of durable and easy-to-clean materials such as metal, plastic, or wood. They stand up to years of repeated use, harsh outdoor conditions, and come in a variety of sizes:Our entire inventory features sturdy constructions to keep kids safe and secure during use. Many configurations are available, including benches with or without backs, square picnic tables, round picnic tables, and more!

Outdoor Daycare Benches & Tables for Schools & Daycares

Park benches and outdoor picnic tables are an essential component of any daycare or school playground. Our heavy-duty daycare picnic tables provide gathering points for teachers, project homebases, and crafting hubs during outdoor art projects. Our playground benches are ideal for kids of varying ages, heights, and abilities and can be used as time-out zones, quiet areas, and for many other purposes during recess and outdoor playtime. We offer options for:
  • Infant Playgrounds
  • Toddler Playgrounds
  • Elementary School Playgrounds

Commercial Picnic Tables & Benches for Community Parks

We are your top distributor of components and playground equipment for any park where kids are at play. From working with government organizations to parks and recreation departments and beyond, we have the ability and experience to provide high-quality park benches and outdoor picnic tables to any community playground or space.
Our inventory provides convenient places for park visitors to rest while monitoring their children. Increase your community playground's aesthetic appeal and accessibility with heavy-duty commercial picnic tables and park benches!

Heavy-Duty Benches & Tables for Parks & Playgrounds

Shields Childcare Supplies is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to supporting you and the children, communities, and parks in your care. From our headquarters in Saline, Michigan, we bring your playground dreams to life with high-quality park benches and community picnic tables. We offer comprehensive financing options and installation services on all our playground equipment.
Place your order today, or contact us to learn more! Our customer service representatives can’t wait to hear from you!