Stacking shapes promote childhood development in a fun, creative way. Our handcrafted, colorful toys improve essential motor skills and help build a child’s creativity. Stacking toys are perfect for homes, schools, and daycare centers.
Shields has the most unique stacking toys you'll find! Available in traditional stacking shapes, as well as our most popular wooden sandwich stackers. Kids will have endless fun learning and playing with these unique stacking shapes—There is no wrong way to stack them!

Benefits of Wooden Stacking Shapes

Wooden stacking toys are perfect for early learning development for children. By picking up a block and putting it into place, these wooden stacking toys help build dexterity and control over fine motor skills.
In addition to this, wooden stacking shapes help build:
  • Depth perception
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Balance

Wooden Stacking Toys are Perfect for Daycares

Our wooden stacking shapes are perfect for daycare centers, providing fun, unique learning experiences for young children. They will have a blast building our sandwich stackers while developing necessary motor skills, creativity, and even language.
What’s great about our wooden toys is that, not only are they fun and educational, but they’re super durable as well. You can be confident that our toys will hold up through endless playtime.

Here's what daycares are saying about our sandwich stackers

Customer Review: We recently ordered the Hamburger, Hoagie, and BLT Sandwich Stackers.  Both the teachers and children were so excited about these new toys.  The children use them both as puzzles and in their dramatic play.  They are colorful, durable, and offer many possibilities of play.  These are wonderful products!

Contact Shields Childcare Supplies for Creative, Wooden Stacking Toys

Our handcrafted, wooden stacking shapes are durable, high-quality toys that provide endless fun and educational possibilities. In addition to wooden stacking shapes, we also create rattles and teethers and building blocks that make excellent daycare educational materials.
To learn more about our colorful, creative wooden stacking toys, contact us today.