Toys for Kids

Toys provide timeless entertainment and educational opportunities for children. From wooden toy vehicles to classic push & pull toys, toys are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and inspiring the creativity of children of all ages.  Shields Childcare Supplies offers the best quality toys in a variety of designs and functionalities.

Classic Push & Pull Toys

Push & pull toys are timeless wooden toys for children, providing endless hours of fun and creativity. With a non-toxic, washable finish, our child-safe wooden toys are perfect for preschools or daycares.

Timeless Wooden Toy Vehicles

Whether it’s a boat, plane, or truck, our child-safe wooden toy vehicles are durable enough to keep up with small, active children. Not only are they beautifully crafted, but each of our toys can be washed easily in the sink.

Other Engaging Child-Safe Wooden Toys

No one does handcrafted wooden toys better than Shields Childcare Supplies. In addition to our wooden toy vehicles, we offer a variety of durable, washable wooden toys that are perfect for children of all ages.

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We take pride in the quality of our timeless children’s toys. When you purchase a toy vehicle or classic push & pull toy, you are buying a handcrafted, child-safe toy that will provide family-fun for decades in the future.
To learn more about our handcrafted wooden toys for children, contact us today.