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Carpet Climber - Full Set of 4

Part Number: W-3139


These carpet climbers offer comfy versatile seating for everyone, allowing people to sit comfortably and tell stories.  Kids can sit on them, stand on them, crawl on them, or tip them over and play inside them.  This set includes all 4 of our carpet climbers.  Want custom sizes?  We can do that too, just tell us what size you want!

**Heavy items and non-stock item subject to additional shipping charges.


  • Brand: Shields Original
  • Includes 4 Carpet Climbers
  • Varnished inside
  • Heavy Item


Overall Rating: stars_5 (5)
Our infants and toddlers absolutely love these blocks! They have been an excellent addition to our classroom. They give the kids so many opportunities from balancing, crawling, climbing, pulling themselves up, and even sliding. These blocks are so versatile and can be made to fit any space.

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